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I am currently open to discussing new projects. Please reach out to me!

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About Me

Bruce Gilbert

Allow myself to introduce myself (Austin Powers). My name is Bruce Gilbert and I am a web developer & designer living in Durham North Carolina. My passions are web development/design, blogging/writing, exercise, eating healthy and always being in the present through meditation.

This website serves mainly to provide easy access to my portfolio, skill set information and resume. Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have, and visit my About.Me page to learn more about me.

I consider myself a problem solver and I use my skills and experience to solve problems that business owners and hiring manager might have.

If you are technical and are interested in my development process, check out how I designed and coded this website by clicking the 'About IE' button below.

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Below are some of my core skills as a web developer.
Please click the Technical Skills panel to see a complete skills listing.


Hypertext Markup Language version 5(HTML5)

Skill Level: Advanced


Cascading Style Sheets Version 3 (CSS3)

Skill Level: Advanced



Skill Level: Advanced


Syntactically Awesome Stylesheets(SASS)

Skill Level: Intermediate



Skill Level: Intermediate



Skill Level: Intermediate


Below are experimental projects I am working on to gain new skills and experiences.

Cascading Style Sheets (CSS3) Grid Layout

I have been learning and playing with CSS grid for a bit now. It is very cool, but has a bit of a learning curve.

CSS Grid

View code on CodePen

Cascading Style Sheets (CSS3) Animation

You can do so many cool things using CSS3 animation techniques now that used to only be possible with JavaScript or Flash.

CSS Animation

View code on CodePen

React JS Single Page Application(SPA)

React App

View the deployed React JS App

View code on Github


Let me help you meet your business goals!

Whether it be a brand new website, site maintenance, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) improvements or a web accessibility audit, I can help you.

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You can also contact me via: webguync[at] or (919) 656-2374.

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